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My colleague recommended me Medan Selera Stadium Ipoh for delicious, fluffy, and crispy Roti Canai but due to my bad luck, it only opens from 7.30am-12.30pm every day? I was thinking is it worth sacrificing my sleep for a Roti Canai?  After a deep thought, I made up mind to give it a try, (Roti Canai won).Medan Selera Stadium Ipoh was crowded with people as it was weekend. I ordered Iced Bandung, Teh Tarik, Nasi Lemak from stall 51 and Roti Canai from Faud Stall.
 Iced Bandung was a just an ordinary drink but it was refreshing to have it during hot weather.
Teh Tarik is good to have while having breakfast. 
RM 3 for Iced Bandung and Teh Tarik.
Dhall tasted good with a dollop of sambal. Dip the Roti Canai in Dhall and enjoy it.
Roti Canai was fluffy, crispy and goes perfectly with the Dhall. 
Roti Canai @ RM 1
Sardine Roti Canai was actually a mix of egg and sardine. Egg over power the sardine taste.
 Sardine Roti Canai @ RM 3
Nasi Lemak was yummy. The sambal was flavourful and you can add the amount of sambal, Anchovies, and peanuts you want to have with the rice by yourself (Self-Service). 
Nasi Lemak @ RM 2.50
It’s really worth sacrificing my sleep for Roti Canai. It was awesome breakfast for us. It is difficult to find a car parking inside the Medan Selera Stadium Ipoh therefore be patient to wait for a car parking. There is plenty of option available from Indian, Malay, and Chinese Cuisine. Good to place to try different type’s food in one place with reasonable price.


  1. Hi Sakthi....It is good to come across your blog and glad to meet another fellow food blogger. Would definitely cross refer your pages when I am in Ipoh. Take care and Happy Blogging!

  2. Hi Venoth Nathan,
    Its my pleasure.
    Message me if you want any special recommendation about Ipoh foods.
    Take care and Happy Blogging Too :)



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