Marianis @ De Garden,Ipoh

I wanted to eat Pizza and Carbonara Spaghetti at the same time therefore I Google for restaurants that serves both dishes together in their menu. As a result, there are 2 option available for me to choose from Michelengo’s Pizza and Marianis. As I already tried Michelengo Pizza before I planned to give a try on Marianis Restaurant. Marianis is located at De Garden so it will be easier to locate the restaurant with a big signboard showing the way to the restaurant. The restaurant serves Pizza, Pasta, Steaks, Local Delights, Liqueurs and set dinners. A gentlemen welcomed us at the entrance before seating us on the table. The restaurant was romantic, cosy and good chill out for families or special occasions. I ordered Pure Peppermint Tea, Carbonara Spaghetti and Dragone Pizza.
 Pure Peppermint Tea was refreshing. 
Pure Peppermint Tea @ RM 10
Complimentary Starter.
Pizza was tasty and they are generous with Mushrooms, Turkey Ham and Eggs but it was a bit dry and not enough hot. 
Dragone Pizza @ RM 35
Carbonara Spaghetti was creamy and they are generous with the Turkey Ham but it lack of seasoning that gives a beautiful taste to the spaghetti. 
Carbonara Spaghetti @ RM 28
It was a good dinner for us but they need a bit improvement on the foods. Excellent hospitality and they do have TV inside the restaurant playing a good movie for viewing pleasure. It was difficult to find car parking during weekends but don’t worry there is building next to De Garden providing free car parking.

Price                   : 7/10
Menu                  : Varieties Of Choices
Service               : 8/10
Food Portion      : 8/10
Quality Of Food: 6/10

Service Charge: 10%
Government Tax: Nil

GR 11, 12, 13, & 13A De Garden,
No 3, Persiaran Medan Ipoh,
Medan Ipoh,
31400 Ipoh
Tel: 05- 548 6505