MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day Ipoh

Thanks to Milo for giving a wonderful opportunity to be a part of Milo Malaysia Breakfast Day. The event took place at Sultan Aziz Recreation Park to reinforce the message that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
According to Khoo Khar Khoon, communications Director of Nestle, “Malaysia Breakfast Day is a platform under MILO Breakfast Movement to drive action among families in making the right nutritional decision each morning. Through our outreach to Ipoh, we hope that more Malaysian within the region will support the movement with their family and friends”
“The council has always placed a great importance toward educating the citizens of Ipoh on positive and healthy habits. MILO effort to promote healthy breakfast values through breakfast movement is a cause that resonated well with us and we were happy to offer our support,” comments Tuan Mohd Zakuan Bin Haji Zakaria, Ipoh City Council Secretary.
“Skipping breakfast deprives children of energy needed to stay focused and alert children grow while sleeping and lose 80% of their reserves when they wake up: which is why, they must have breakfast to recharge for the day.” commented Nurul Iliani Ahmad, Senior Nutritionist from Nestle.
Goodie Bag collection counter for the runners.
Enjoying nutritious cup of MILO and a wholesome breakfast after tired running.
I hope after this everyone, will start practice a healthy breakfast, and know the importance of having breakfast in the morning.

The next Malaysia Breakfast Day will take place at Dewan Masyarakat, Majlis Bandaraya Kucing Selatan, Kuching on 26 April 2015. Registration for the run is open until 19 April 2015. Runners may collect their race packs from 24 to 25 April 2015 at the same location.
To register for the run in Kuching and for more information on Malaysia Breakfast Day, visit:
To be a part of the movement, Malaysian’s are encouraged to hashtag #mbd2015 when they are having breakfast no matter where they are.