Restoran M Salim @ Jalan Yang Kalsom, Ipoh

My friend recommended Restaurant M. Salim for their delicious Biryani. It is very difficult to find a restaurant to eat in Ipoh during 3pm-6pm as most of the restaurant closes at this hours. Therefore, me and my sister planned to drop by this restaurant for lunch. The restaurant is located same row with Balai Police Jalan Yang Kalsom Road. The restaurant serves a varieties of non-vegetarian dishes, Mee Goreng, Rice and Roti Canai. The restaurant was crowded with people. I ordered Biryani, Rice, and Sirap for dine-in while Mee Goreng for take away.
Choose your foods from varieties of dishes, curries and rice (Biryani and Plain rice) available at the counter and bring your own plate to the table and enjoys it or if you choose to eat Ala-Cate dishes have a seat first then the staff will take your orders.
Biryani was yummy. It was one of the Best Biryani I tried in Ipoh. Biryani was flavourful and every spoon tasted yummy. I requested Kuah Campur for both of my dishes.
It was tasty but not something extraordinary.
It was a pleasant lunch for us. Rice was okay not something great just a normal food but the Biryani was marvellous. It will be my must eat food in Ipoh. Park your car somewhere else as it will be fully parked during peak hours with 2 perfect lunch restaurant located nearby (Nasi Ganja and Restaurant M. Salim). The total bill was about RM 15.40 which is cheap for the foods we eat especially for chicken Biryani.
Price                   : 8/10
Menu                  : Varieties Choices
Service               : 8/10
Food Portion      : 8/10
Quality Of Food: 8/10
Restaurant M Salim20,
Jalan Yang Kalsom,
Tel: 05- 255 4786