Restoran Vnam Kitchen @ Jalan Seenivasagam, Ipoh

I bought a Fast & Furious ticket (Showtime 7pm) at Ipoh Parade and I was bored with food choices available at Ipoh Parade. Therefore, I planned to have dinner at Restaurant V Nam Kitchen that is located on the way to Ipoh Parade. Restaurant V Nam Kitchen is located at Jalan Seenivasagam. The restaurant serves variety of Vietnamese foods like Noodles, Rice, Starters, and Beverages.  The restaurant started filling up quickly for dinner but don’t worry they have 2 shop lots to accommodate the guests but they will only open the second shop lot once the first shop lot is full. The ambiance of the restaurant was fantastic.  I ordered Vietnam Lemongrass BBQ Chicken Chop Rice, Vietnam Black Pepper Chicken Rice, Vietnam Rice Paper Roll (Pork) and Fresh Lemon Grass Tea.
Fresh Lemongrass Tea was refreshing. Me and my boyfriend loved it.
Fresh Lemongrass Tea @ RM 8.90
Vietnam Rice Paper Roll was yummy. The vegetables are fresh. Dip it in the sauce and enjoys it. I loved this!!
 Vietnam Rice Paper Roll @ RM 5.90
Vietnam Lemongrass BBQ Chicken Chop Rice was perfect. The chicken was tasty, tender, and well seasoned with Lemongrass.
Vietnam Lemongrass BBQ Chicken Chop @ RM 12.90
Vietnam Black Pepper Chicken Rice was tasty. It was well flavoured with black pepper. Thanks for the lovely recommendation. 
Vietnam Black pepper Chicken Rice @ RM 12.90
It was a great dinner for me and my boyfriend. The foods are delicious, friendly service and workers are good at recommending food to the customers. The boss is a kindhearted person. She will be absorbing the GST until end of the month for the guests (30 April 2015). Thanks to her!!!!
Price                   : 8/10
Menu                  : Varieties Of Choices
Service               : 9/10
Food Portion      : 8/10
Quality Of Food: 8/10

Service Charge: Nil
GST: 6%
V Nam Kitchen
No 32-34, Jalan Seenivasagam,
30450 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05- 254 2633