Bougainvillea City Cafe @ Ipoh

Finding a restaurant serves a good western food in Ipoh is like counting stars in the sky, as the choices are super limited and my friend wanted to have western food for lunch.  Therefore, we planned to go Bougainvillea City Cafe for lunch since all of us are attracted with their set lunch. A yellow colour building can be spotted very easily.  Couple of people occupy the cafe therefore; we are free to choose our own table to be seated. The cafe was cosy to dine-in but they have very limited space for the guests. I ordered 2 Set Pasta and 1 Set Chicken Chop. Set Lunch  includes of Drink, Appetizer and Main Course.

Mushroom soup was good with the toast bread.
Chicken chop was yummy. The chicken was tender and the meat can easily break apart from the bone. 
Set Chicken Chop @ RM 15.80
Pasta tasted okay but I think they need some improvement on the sauce.
Set Pasta @ RM 17.80
Pasta, Chicken and Milk was placed on the bowl and cheese was melted on the top of the food. Every spoon was cheesy and it was suitable for cheese and milk lovers. 
Set Pasta @ RM 17.80
It was a perfect hang out with friends but the food need some improvements on seasonings and sauce as it is the main ingredient in the food other than that, it was good place to chill out with friends. The service was friendly and Free Wi-Fi.

Price                   : 7/10
Menu                  : Varieties Of Choices
Service               : 7/10
Food Portion      : 5/10
Quality Of Food: 5/10

Service Charge: Nil
GST: Nil

Bougainvillea City Cafe
21, Jalan Lau Ek Ching,
31300 Ipoh


  1. HELLO! i am hereby to sincerely correct some of the information. ALL OF OUR SAUCE ARE HOMEMADE WITH FRESH INGREDIENTS & ABSOLUTELY no powder form sauce available in our cafe. we are thrive to promote fresh ingredients made dishes and sauce, absolutely no powder form product! fresh is the key of our success! thank you

  2. Thank you for the information. I wish to correct something here. What I actually meant is your pasta is powdery rather than creamy. I wrote this review 100% based on my opinion. Thank You.
    Cheers :) :) :)

  3. must be the parmesan cheese effected! thank you for your information! we do not take it as offended, in fact, we are glad and only way to improve ourselves is you will to share your opinion! thank you for your support! we will improve from here! many other new dishes you haven't try yet! allow us to serve you better!come again!


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