Old Andersonian Club and Cafeteria @ Ipoh

It has been a while I eat Banana Leaf Rice therefore I Google for a good Banana Leaf Rice in Ipoh and the outcome is Old Andersonian Club & Cafeteria. Therefore, me and my sister planned to have it for lunch before our movie at Ipoh Parade. Old Andersonian Club & Cafeteria is located at Jalan Hospital, Ipoh. The restaurant offers South Indian Cuisine for lunch while North Indian Cuisine for dinner. The ambiance of the restaurant was good and relaxed. We ordered 2 Banana Leaf Rice, 1 Mango Lassi and Chicken Varuval.
Mango Lassi was superb. It is one of the best Mango Lassi I have ever tried and we even take away 1 Mango Lassi for my mum to try
4 types of Vegetables: Cucumber, Aloo Chana, Cabbage and Zucchini.
Rasam was good to eat with crispy papadum.
Chicken Varuval was very nice and full of spices. The chicken was tender and moist.
Banana Leaf Rice was yummy. They have 3 types of curry to choose from Dhal, Fish Curry and Chicken Curry.
It was super good lunch for us before our movie in Ipoh Parade. Excellent service (They even pour our Mango Lassi in the bottle for take away) and act very fast in every request. The total bill was RM 26 including foods and drinks. They also serve Briyani. Be early for lunch as it is filling up quickly with families.
Old Andersonian Club & Cafeteria
932, Jalan Hospital, Ipoh
Tel: 05- 241 1615