Old Town White Coffee @ M Boutique Hotel, Ipoh

The grand and elegant Old Town White Coffee Cafe at M Boutique Hotel will amaze you, as it is very different from the normal outlet in Malaysia. You will be welcomed by the staff at the entrance and brought to your table before placing the menu. Moreover, it is not self-service cafe. The staff will take your orders. The cafe was occupied by couple of people when we dine-in. The ambiance was superb with good lighting and comfortable & spacious tables. I never thought that Old Town White Coffee could be one of the good places for romantic dinner. I ordered Rendang Chicken, Kaya Butter Toast (Double), White Coffee and Teh Tarik.
White Coffee was tasty and it is a best combo for their Kaya Butter Toast.  
White Coffee @ RM 4.43
Teh Tarik was good. 
Teh Tarik @ RM 4.43
Kaya Butter Toast was yummy. Really nice bread with kaya. Sweet!! 
Kaya Butter Toast (Double) @ RM 4.81
Rendang was excellent. The rice itself was very aromatic. The chicken was tender and spicy at the same time. Morover, the Keropok was freshly fried and it was fishy thick and floury thin.  Everything combines well together make it a great food. 
Rendang Chicken @ RM 16.89
It was a perfect dinner for me and my sister. The foods are yummy, fresh and big portion. The service was friendly. You people can consider this cafe for your date in future. Free Wi-Fi.

Price                   : 8/10
Menu                  : Varieties Of Choices
Service               : 8/10
Food Portion      :8/10
Quality Of Food: 8/10

Service Charge: 10%
GST: 6%

Old Town White Coffee
No 2, Hala Datuk 5
316500 Ipoh, Perak

Tel: 016- 526 6897/ Fax: 05- 241 3004