Portuguese Settlement @ Malacca

During our last trip to Melaka we don’t have time to visit Portuguese Settlement therefore we planned to go this time. Portuguese Settlement is located at the seaside of Melaka (Ujong Pasir, Melaka). Per entry will be charged RM 2. After you have parked your car, people will be asking you to go their stall for dinner. There are few shops and each shop will have their own staff waiting outside to recommend their stall to the customers. At this point, things may go crazy since each staff will be approaching you and recommend their stall. There will be number of stalls to choose from 1 to 10, we choose Stall 4 for dinner as it was recommended by my friend. We ordered Sambal Baked Fish, Devil Chicken Curry, Carrot Juice, and Coke.
Carrot Juice was dilute. I think they add water in it to blend.
Carrot Juice @ RM 3
Baked Fish was fresh, moist, and perfectly cooked. They have different flavour to choose for the Baked Fish and we choose sambal flavour. The sambal was super spicy and delicious with a squeeze of lime. We loved it.
Baked Fish @ RM 48
Devil Curry Chicken was okay. The lemongrass flavour over power the other spices taste.  They give us the bone part of the chicken (Chicken neck and wings) instead of the meaty parts.
Devil Curry Chicken @ RM 15
It was average dinner for us. The food needs some improvement but the fish was fresh from the sea and it was a nice place to enjoy dinner. We waited almost 25 minutes for our food and it gets crowded at night so be early for your dinner.
Restaurant Sea Front 88
Batu Berendam Lot 4,
Medan Selera Portuguese Settlemant,
Ujong Pasir,