Restoran Ayam Tauke @ Buntong, Ipoh

It has been raining everyday therefore; I planned to have Kuay Teow soup and Ayam Tauke with my sister. Restaurant Ayam Tauke is located at Jalan Guntong (Nearby Caltex Petrol Station Buntong). The restaurant serves Kuay Teow Soup, Steamed Chicken, Taugeh, Pork Balls, Char Siew and Pork Liver. The restaurant is located in a residential area and they operate from their house. They have both indoor and outdoor seating area. the restaurant was full house when we arrived therefore they opened the indoor seating area for the guests but not even 15 minutes it was full house and people will be standing next to your table for the place so be quick with the foods and give way to the hungry customers. I ordered 2 Kuay Teow Coup, Taugeh (S), Steamed Chicken (S), Pork Balls (5 Pieces) and Char Siew but the Char Siew was sold out by 7.30pm.
Drinks @ RM 3
Taugeh was fatty and crunchy. True that Buntong produces the Best Taugeh.
Steamed Chicken was yummy. We forgot to request for drumstick since both of us are not a fan of breast meat but surprisingly the breast meat here was tender, moist and juicy. The credit goes to the sauce. Perfect!
Pork Balls are delicious. It has a nice flavour and we loved it.
Kuay Teow Soup was okay. It tasted a bit weird for us. Short Video :) :)
It was a perfect dinner during raining season. The foods are perfect just the Kuay Teow Soup needs some improvements. Be early before 7.30pm as it will be packed like a sardine tin afterwards and you have to wait 1 hour for your table. It took about 30 minutes for us to get our foods. The total bill was RM 16.20 for the foods. Be patient!!
Restoran Ayam Taugeh Buntong (Ipoh)
No 849, Jalan Guntong,
30100 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 017- 578 7251