Moga Punjab Restaurant @ Ipoh Old Town , Ipoh

My colleagues recommended Moga Punjab for their soft and smooth chapatti therefore me and my sister planned to go there for dinner. The restaurant is located along Little India, Old Town Ipoh .The restaurant serves Chapatti, Paratha, and Naan with varieties of side dishes to go with from vegetarian to non- vegetarian.  The restaurant was filling up quickly for dinner and busy with people taking away. The ambiance of the restaurant was okay and they have very limited tables so you have to share table with strangers. I ordered Mango Lassi, Carrot Juice, Chapatti, Aloo Paratha and Vegetable (Staff recommendation)
Mango Lassi was yummy. Sweet!!
 Mango Lassi @ RM 3.70
Vegetables like potato, carrot, cabbage and beans are cooked together with spices and herbs. It tasted yummy and thanks to the staff for lovely recommendation. 
Vegetable @ RM 2.60
Chapatti was soft and smooth. Good to have with their vegetables. 
Chapatti @ RM 1.30
Aloo Paratha was a lovely home cooked food. It tasted good. 
Aloo Paratha @ RM 3.20
It was good dinner for us in a humble environment. The foods are good, friendly service and reasonable price. They don’t have Naan & Tandoori Chicken for 2 months as the chef went India for wedding and according to the owner, he makes good Naan and Tandoori Chicken. Wait for him to come back to try it.

Price                   : 7/10
Menu                  : Limited Choices
Service               : 7/10
Food Portion      : 7/10
Quality Of Food: 7/10

Service Charge: Nil
GST: Nil

Moga Punjab Restaurant
No 12, Jalan Lahat,
30000 Ipoh

Business Hours: 7.30am-9.30pm