One stick RM0.40 Lok Lok @ Pasir Pinji, Ipoh

Me and my sister planned to try RM 0.40 Lok Lok at Pasir Pinji after submitting my photo for Photography competition as it is cheaper compare to Pasar Malam Lok Lok (RM 1). RM 0.40 Lok Lok Pasir Pinji is located along Jalan Queen, Pasir Pinji (Beside CK Spectacles Shop). You sure can spot this stall while passing by Jalan Queen. The stall has 4 to 5 tables for customer to dine-in so be prepared to share table with strangers. They also sell desserts and Laksa. You have to walk around the table to choose your favourite Lok Lok among the plenty of choices available. After choosing your favourite Lok Lok. It your time to choose either  boiling or fried  option and also there will be a guy standing next to the frying place to help you and be careful with the pot as it will be super hot.
Varieties of choices.
Ice Kacang was good to have during this hot weather. Heaven!!
Sauce tasted okay but the fired items do not require any sauce to eat with. It has its own flavour.
I prefer fried option compare to the boiled option.
RM 0.40 per stick is considered cheap but they also reduce the portion size to smaller. It is also a plus point as you can try out different varieties of Tofu.