BBQ Town @ Mid Valley Megamall

When it is rainy it’s good to have Steamboat therefore I Google for a good steamboat restaurant in Petaling Jaya suddenly, I found BBQ Town Voucher at Groupon that is value for money. The voucher are priced at RM 25.90 (Discount 41% from the original price) for Lunch Buffet while RM 34.90 (Discount 36% from the original price) for Dinner Buffet. I bought 3 Lunch Buffet Voucher so that after our lunch, we can continue our shopping and it is easy to find car parking on the evening at Midvalley (If you are lucky). BBQ Town is located at Level 2, Midvalley Megamall Shopping Centre. They serve all you can eat steamboat and Shabu- Shabu. The place was crowded when we arrived, lucky I made a reservation 2 days earlier therefore we managed to get place without waiting. I love the cushion seating in their restaurant as it was comfortable while enjoying the steamboat but one negative draw back was the floor is slippery nearby the tables and have to walk very carefully when we go to the counter to take our foods.
The voucher includes Free Flow of Beef, Chicken & Lamb, Vegetables, Sushi and Maki Rolls, Konbu Chicken Soup, 1 plate of Ebi Tempura and Assorted Sauce.

Waiting for the meat to Barbecued.Place the Barbecued meat on the lettuce and add chilli sauce, wrap them and enjoy. Yummy!!
We choose Chicken and Beef. Beef for me and my boyfriend while Chicken for my sister.Beef was fresh while chicken need some seasonings.
Dumpling was good just a bit oily. The skin was crispy on the outside and the fillings are tasty. Just dip in the mayonnaise and enjoy it.
Chicken Wings are tasty. It was fried perfectly and beautifully flavoured.
Fried Tempura was golden brown and crispy.
It was great lunch for us. The foods are yummy, value for money, the meat are fresh and good service.  Just improve the floor condition since if it is slippery people might fell down and add some seasonings on the chicken so that it won’t be tasteless when barbecued. Make reservation 2 days earlier if you are redeeming the Groupon. It is one of the steamboats worth considering, as it was value for money and located conviniently in Midvalley Shopping Centre.

Tips: BBQ Town does not serve pork and alcohol on its menu.

S025-026 (Beside FOS)
2nd Floor,
North Court,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 2201 1236