Batu Caves @ Selangor, Malaysia

My friend family planned to bring my sister and me to Batu Cave temple for a visit and I am super excited about that as we never been there before. We decided to have breakfast at Nesan Curry House, Rawang before our journey to Batu Cave as my friend mother recommended the restaurant for their varieties of breakfast choices and good foods.

Thosai was served with Mint Chutney, Dhall and Spicy Curry. Thosai was good to eat together with Dhall and Mint Chutney.
After our breakfast, we continue our journey to Batu Cave Temple and it took us about 45 minutes to reach Batu Cave temple from my friend house (Rawang). We reach there about 12pm therefore we decided to climb the staircase first as it is seems to be raining soon. Climbing the staircase was adventurous and exciting, as you have to face different level of challenge before reaching the top. Don’t worry just kidding!!  Just be careful with the monkeys, as they tend to get aggressive when they spot you carrying foods and tend to attack you for the foods.
Once you reach the top, the view was mind blowing with the beautiful limestones.
We had our lunch at Divya’s cafe (Located on the grounds of the Sri Subramanian temples) after the climbing to boost our energy level.  The Thosai was good to eat with Dhall.
They have an Snake & Peacock farm, Dance Show, Story of Ramayana and some wall paintings on the ground of the Sri Subramanian temple and the entrance ticket cost us about RM 7 per person for Malaysian Citizen while RM 15 for non Malaysian Citizen. Very good place to explore the some Indian history if you some spare time.
It was a good place to explore with friends and family or just a small hangout with friends. LRT is also located nearby the temple with just 5 minutes walking distance and if you are driving, it is very easy to get car parking so no worries.

Batu Caves Temple
Exit Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2,
Kawasan Industri Batu Caves,
68100 Batu Caves,