The Porki Society @ Sea Park, Petaling Jaya

My friend recommends The Porki Society for their Boat Noodles therefore; we planned to go there for dinner. The Porki Society is located at Seapark, Petaling Jaya. The restaurant serves their signature Boat Noodles, Pork Balls, Pork Satay (Moo Ping Porki BBQ), Moo Tod Porki (Fried Pork Cutlet), Water Spinach, Fried Rice and Beverages. Couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived as it was raining heavily. The ambiance of the restaurant was okay, they use tables and chairs like in an olden school days which is quite cool for me and you can also see the staff Barbecue the pork satay if you manage to sit nearby the kitchen. We ordered Boat Noodles, Pork Satay (Moo Ping Porki BBQ), Moo Tod Porki (Fried Pork Cutlet), Water Spinach (Pak Boong), Tom Yum Fried Rice and Tub Tim Krob.
 Moo Tod Porki (Fried Pork Cutlet) was seasoned and cooked well. Roll them with a cabbage and enjoy it. 
Moo Tod Porki (Fried Pork Cutlet) @ RM 11.90
Water Spinach (Pak Boong) was good with the sauce.
 Water Spinach (Pak Boong) @ RM 1.90
 Pork Satay (Moo Ping Porki BBQ) was tender and barbecued perfectly. 
Pork Satay (Moo Ping Porki BBQ) @ RM 5.90
 Tom Yum Fried Rice was aromatic and yummy. It is much better than some other restaurants we tried. Tom Yum Fried Rice was served Tom Yum Fried Rice, Cucumber, Omelette, Pork Rinds and Fried Porki
Tom Yum Fried Rice @ RM 14.90
 They have 2 types of Boat Noodles (Thin and thick noodles) and 2 types of choices for the noodles either dry or soup. We choose 1 of everything from the menu to try as the portion is small.Boat noodle tasted okay as they use the Pork Lard that is pre fried earlier and it has some kind of weird oil taste when you eat them together with the noodles but if it was served fresh then it would be heaven. Just the Pork Lard was their drawback. 
Boat Noodles @ RM 1.90
You can compare the size of the noodles below. Right side was thin noodle while left side was thick noodle.
 Tub Tim Krob dessert has a rich jackfruit flavour and they are generous with the Red Ruby. 
Tub Tim Krob @ RM 6.90
It was a good dinner for all of us. The boat noodle needs some improvement but the portion was larger than Boat Noodle Empire Damansara so you just need to eat 3-4 bowls of noodles to make you full and good service.

Service Charge: (10% + Tax)

The Porki Society
No 10, Jalan 21/19,
Section 21,
Sea Park,
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03- 7865 1968