Arun Ice Cream @ Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli

Weather was hot in India therefore me and my sister wanted to have Ice Cream to cool us down. We went Arun Ice Cream that is located next to the Aryaas Sweets & Bakery. They have a couple of tables and chairs for the customers for those who wish to dine-in. I asked the owner for some special ice- cream recommendation and she recommends Kulfi Maharaj Ice-Cream to us as she say it is a popular choice among people there therefore we ordered 1 cup for sharing.
  Kulfi Maharaj Ice cream is a delicious and firm textured Indian Ice Cream made with reduced milk and flavoured with almonds, nuts and pistachio. It was something different from the normal Ice cream we can get in Malaysia.
Kulfi Maharaj Ice cream @ Rs 45/ RM 3
 The Ice Cream tasted super good that we ordered another tub (500ml) which have similar taste for take away.
Pista @ Rs 125/ RM 8.40
Arun Ice Cream,
Trivandrum Road,
Tamil Nadu