Big Spoon @ Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

When I heard my friends says “Big Spoon opens its new outlet in Berjaya Times Square” nobody can be as excited as I am since I don’t have to travel far until Puchong to enjoy this food. Big Spoon is located at 2 Floor, Berjaya Times Square (Opposite Boat Noodles). The restaurant serves limited choices like Dumpling, Abalone Soup Noodle, Cold Noodles and Some Set Menus. They have a very limited tables for the customers and it is filled with people when we arrived. I saw my classmates having lunch over there therefore we just join them for lunch. We ordered Chicken Cold Noodle, Dumpling In House Special Sauce, Mapo Tofu With Rice, Green Tea and Hot & Sour Abalone Noodles (PROMOTION)

 Hot & Sour Abalone Noodle was yummy and it was served with shredded chicken and spring onions.  The soup was flavourful and goes well with the noodles and it is my personal favourite (We even add on additional 2 more spoon of it). Hot & Sour Abalone Soup (PROMOTION) @ RM 1.90
Chicken Cold Noodle tasted okay. The noodle was cold and served with shredded chicken, cucumber, sesame seeds and seasonings but for me it tasted blend. 
Chicken Cold Noodle @ RM 1.90
Dumpling In House Special Sauce was tasty. I like the House special sauce that gives a unique taste to the dumpling. 
Dumpling In House Special Sauce @ RM 3.90
Mapo Tofu With Rice was delicious. It has a good flavour and generous portion of rice and Mapo Tofu in the spoon. 
Mapo Tofu With Rice @ RM 1.90
It was a good lunch with my classmates and sister. The concept was cute and I loved them. Friendly service by the staff, generous portion of the foods and the foods are tasty except the Chicken Cold Noodle needs some improvements on seasonings.

Important Tips: If you are a first timer to Berjaya Times Square, please ask for assistance from the reception counter regarding the location of the restaurant, as it is located at the deep end of Level 2.

Service Charge: Nil
GST: Nil

Big Spoon,
Level 2 Berjaya Times Square,
Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur