Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw @ Kota Damansara, Selangor

As it was raining heavily, me and my sister wanted to eat something hot & spicy and suddenly the idea of Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw came into my mind and I suggested it to my sister and she was happy about it. Therefore, we Waze for the nearest location of Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw and the nearest was Kota Damansara Uptown. Therefore, we planned to there for late supper, it took us 30 minutes to reach the location, it is difficult to find as it located in the Industrial area and we have to ask people for the direction.  The Kota Damansara Uptown is Malay Food Court that sells varieties of Malay foods. And Yeah! There is a stage performance during our visit for the customer and the food court was super crowded with people despite of 10pm at night. Thank god! We manage to find a place in front of the Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw stall. You have to order and pay at the counter. After the payment, they will give you a number to collect your food at the counter (Self-Service). I ordered Beef+ Bacon Burger and Chicken Cheese Burger.

Beef + Bacon burger was tasty and juicy. Big chunk of beef was placed in-between of the bread with some bacon and their special sauce. Yummy!!
The Bread was toasted well and it was served with fried boneless chicken in-between the bread, mayonnaise, vegetables and their homemade sauce. The chicken was juicy, tender and well seasoned. It just melted in my mouth. They add a lot of mayonnaise in their burger but if you want to have less just let them know while ordering.

Overall, it was a supper good supper for me but be careful with the surroundings as it was dark and dangerous to go alone especially ladies and sometime you have to park very far as it is impossible to get car parking nearby the food court so be early and avoid late night. The portion of the Burger was big and we share this burger among ourself (3 person) and we are super full so don’t order individual portion if you are a small eaters as you cannot finish it.

Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw
Uptown Kota Damansara,
Kompleks Muhibbah,
Taman Sains,
Jalan TSB8,
Section 3,
Kota Damansara nearby shell Kota Damansara,
47810 Selangor