Dip N Dip @ Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

I treated my boyfriend Dip N Dip as he love chocolate. We planned to go at night, as it is easy to find car parking. I guess everyone know where is Dip N Dip located in Bangsar? However, if some of you don’t really know the exact location. Here you go; they are located next to the Nosh.  The cafe offers wide varieties of chocolate desserts and beverages that make you wanted to try all of them if you get a change. The cafe was nice with a comfortable table.  If was full house when we arrived as most of the people drop by for dessert after dinner. The staff at the entrance welcomes us before seating us on the table. We ordered Triple Chocolate and Strawberry (4 Pieces)
Triple chocolate was delicious. The crepe was thin, smooth and coated with 3 different types of chocolate and it was not too sweet for my liking. 
Triple Crepe @ RM 17
 Big and juicy strawberry coated with a delicious melted chocolate. Wow!! The picture sure make you guys drooling right J J It was heaven. The sweetness of the chocolate contrast with the sourish strawberry was yummy. 
Strawberry (4 Pieces) @ RM 12.50
A dessert make you smile. Indeed a true quote for Dip N Dip. Perfect dessert date with my boyfriend. Friendly service but it takes a while for them to serve your dessert and seeing people enjoying their dessert while you are waiting for your desserts make you drooling.

Service Charge: 10%
GST: 6%

Dip N Dip
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 2201 5052