Arasan Bakery @ Tirunelveli

I asked the Auto Driver to stop at any nice sweets & Bakery to buy sweets for Tea Time and to bring back Malaysia and the auto driver stop at Arasan Sweets & Bakery. Arasan Sweets & Bakery is located next to Eagle Book Centre, Palayamkottai. The Bakery sells a wide variety of Sweets, Puffs, Pizza, Burgers and Hot Dogs. The sweets & Bakery is crowded with people dine-in and take away. Therefore, it took a while for the staffs to serve us. I take away 6 pieces of cake for tea time and 1 Box of mixed sweets and 2 Box of Ladoo. After placed your order to the staff, collect your receipt and pay at the counter before collecting your order. 

It is a vanilla cake with 2 layer of cream. It was spongy, less sweet.Rs 11/RM 0.75per piece.
 Mixed Sweets (Palkova) is delicious and simple milk sweet. I love Palkova.
 Lodoo is one of the wonderful Indian Dessert that tastes absolutely delicious and sweet.
2M, Madurai Road,
Tirunelveli Junction,
627 001 Tamil Nadu
Tel: 91 462 233 7777