Buhari Hotel @ Tirunelveli

We went shopping at Colors therefore, I asked one of the staff to recommend the Best Briyani in Tirunelveli, and the staff recommends Hotel Buhari for their delicious Briyani. Therefore, we planned to have dinner at Hotel Buhari after our shopping but we were tired and exhausted after our 6 hours of shopping so I asked my sister why don’t we just take away the foods? Moreover, she was happy about it therefore I asked the Auto to wait for us 15 minutes to take away the foods. The ambiance of the Hotel was good and we were served with a glass of water once seated. The Hotel is not crowded when we arrived so it only took about 15 minutes to get our foods. I ordered Chicken Briyani, ½ Tandoori Chicken and 2 Butter Naan.
 Chicken Briyani was served with Hard Boiled Egg and Chicken drumstick. Briyani was cooked with spices and it was absolutely sensational. It has its own flavor to stand out and does not require any curry to eat with. Spicy and Tasty. 
Chicken Briyani Rs 120/RM 8
 Tandoori Chicken was packed in an Aluminum Foil packet to prevent it from getting cold and remains hot. The chicken was tender, juicy and well marinated with spices (They marinate the chicken until it absorb all the spices). The Chicken goes perfect with the Butter Naan. 
½ Tandoori Chicken Rs150/10
 Butter Naan is soft and has a very good butter taste and it was served with a curry. The curry was spicy and goes well with the Naan. 
Butter Naan Rs 50 each/RM 3.40
It was a perfect dinner for us. The foods are more than enough for 3 people so order less and share among each other to avoid wastage. The foods are yummy and good service. You can also order foods from them Through Go Grab India instead of going there to take away.

Hotel Buhari
8, Trivandrum Road,
Kailash Nagar