BWB Flaming on Table @ Desa Sri Hartamas

BWB Flaming On Table is a restaurant & Bar that serves skewers and other interesting dishes. It has been 4 years since I tried best Skewers back in Singapore. So when Openrice invited me for the food testing in BWB Flaming On Table I was so pleased to accept it. BWB Flaming On Table took over the BWB Yakitori Bar. What so special about BWB Flaming On Table? Why you guys should give them a try? BWB Flaming on Table uses a different concept of food than the BWB Yakitori Bar. Some of their dishes are on fire and they don't use alcohol to make the fire but use a special liquid that is specially imported from overseas. It will burn for about 10 seconds while spreading the flavours to the foods. Some of their flavours are Black Pepper, Caramel and Salt & Pepper. I really enjoyed watching the guy demo the foods. Don't worry, I have uploaded a video for you guys to enjoy. The restaurant serves a wide variety of food choices for the customers.
Three awesome are Tubor Shell, Octopus With Wasabi and Jellyfish. Really nice dish to start off the meal.
Tako Kimchi (Octopus With Kimchi) The Kimchi was spicy and sour. A good & unique combination between Kimchi and Octopus.
Koebi Karaage (Fried Prawns) is a simple dish,deep fried until crunchy. I loved to have them as a snack.
The chicken was tender, juicy and the cheese gave an additional taste to the food but it was a bit salty for me.
It is undeniably cute and exciting dish to share with friends. The base of the Mini Pizza was crunchy and mushroom was juicy. 
Sizzling Seafood was gorgeous. Prawns, Oyster and Squids are served on a sizzling plate. It was yummy and the seafood’s are fresh.
 Spicy Mussel Coated With Homemade Special Sauce was lovely. It was fresh and the spicy taste adds some extra kick to the Mussels. It is really an addictive dish if you are Mussels Lover. Don't worry guys, as this dish is not too spicy so it is suitable for everyone.
It is good to have Mixed Tempura when they are hot as when it cools down they became more battery. 
Fried Man Tao Bun With Slice Pork Knuckles. The Man Tao Bun was fried until golden brown and the Slice Pork Knuckle are placed In between the Bun with some Lettuce and no sauce. Please highlight the word no sauce,can you imagine of having a Burger with no sauce? I don't think we can eat burger without any sauce but this Burger of course you can as the Juiciness from the Slice Pork Knuckle is just enough to have this Mini Burger. Don't worry about the size, it may look small but it was very filling.
Fried Prawns is a simple yet luscious dish.
Grilled Vegetable Platter (Ladies finger, Garlic, Asparagus, Negi and Shitake Mushroom) looks good and really perfect choice for vegetable lovers. 
Kushi Mori (Salmon, Mackerel, Meatball, Lamb, Pregnant Fish, Wagyu and Bacon Cheese Asparagus) are tasty. They are so delicious with just a hint of smoke from the grill. 
Grilled Meat Platter was done using different parts of chicken (Thighs, Wings, Meatballs, Gizzards, Chicken Tail and duck) and my personal favourite is their Chicken Thigh. The chicken itself was succulent and it was grilled perfectly. 
Here comes their Flaming Foods. They have 5 types of Flaming foods (Prawn, Chicken, Beef Ribs, Wagyu Steak And Beef Meatballs).All their side dishes are similar expect their meat options.Beef Ribs easily breaks apart from the bones.Flavourful with the sauce, soft and rich in juiciness.
Chicken was tender, flavourful and juicy.
Beef Meatballs has a wonderful flavour and texture. 
Wagyu Steak was medium rare. I loved the Wagyu Steak among all the Flaming Foods. It was so tender that it just dissolved in my mouth.
 The most beautiful piece of tender fish that tastes great with simple seasonings.
 It is a tiger prawn grilled with crab roe sauce. It tasted yummy. 
I loved their mashed potatoes. It was superb.
Ice- Cream was yummy and has a smoky effect.
It was a fun dinner for us. The foods are good and I love to see the Flaming Foods. It was something new to me and I guess it really worth trying out. Thanks to Derrick, Hans and The Manager for their friendly hospitality and explaining me more details about the foods.

Thanks to Openrice for this wonderful opportunity. I really enjoyed myself. 

10, Jalan 27/70A 
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel: 03- 6206 3800


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