Hornbill Kitchen @ Fraser Business Park

A newly opened restaurant at Fraser Business Park and it attracted us with their RM 5.50 Fried rice + Chicken Wings therefore me and my sister wanted to give them a try. They only serve very limited choices of foods as it’s a newly opened restaurant. It was only occupied by few people when we arrived around 2.30pm. The ambiance of the restaurant was simple yet comfortable. I ordered Fried Rice with Pork and Thai Sawadee Chicken.
Thai Sawadee Chicken was served with a soup (ABC) and unlimited refills of Chinese Tea or Water.Chinese Tea.
 It was a comforting soup (ABC Soup)Chicken has a hint of spicy and the herbal egg has a mild herbal flavor that I like as I don't like it to have a strong herbal flavor.
 Sauce gives a special taste to the fried rice. Pork was soft and juicy.
It was a good lunch for us. Friendly service and it was a lovely home cooked meal .Will be having it again when I miss my home.
Hornbill Kitchen
Jalan Metro Pudu,
Fraser Business Park
55100 Kuala Lumpur