Hotel Selvi @ Vallioor, Tirunelveli

It was almost 9pm and we (Me and My Sister) are hungry after our Shopping. I asked the sales girl to recommend good Hotel for dinner and she recommends Hotel Selvi, Hotel Saraswathi and Hotel King’s. I decided to have dinner at Hotel Selvi, as it is located opposite to the shop we were shopping and we don’t want to walk very far for dinner. Hotel Selvi is located nearby Vallioor Bus Station. The Hotel only serves different types of Parotta at night. Couple of people occupied the Hotel when we arrived around 9pm so it took less than 10 minutes to get our foods. We ordered 2 Egg Kottu Parotta.

They use 2 Parotta to make 1 Kottu Parotta. Kottu Parotta is cooked together with egg, curry leave, onion and served with Salna. It was heaven when we eat them hot and add Salna to it if you wanted to have “Oomph” taste. Salna is super yummy. 
Egg Kottu Parotta Rs 90/RM 6
It was a good dinner for us after a tired shopping. Thanks for the recommendation lovely girl. Friendly service (They even taught us how to enjoy Parotta).

Hotel Selvi
78, Main Road
627 117 Vallioor
Tel: 91-4637 220379/ 91-9443 852266


  1. Awesome.. I had a try here as well..

  2. Yeah!! Their Egg Kottu Parotta Was Yummy.
    Do you Have A Recommendation For Any Other Foods?



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