India Street Food: Beach Sundal

India is popular for its street foods. One of the popular street foods in South India is varieties of nuts and corn served in a trolley cart at night. This is usually served in Beach, Road Sides or even children playgrounds. Sometimes they also bring them to housing area during weekends as the children's are in holiday. They will ring the bell while passing the housing area to give signal to the people that they are here. They serve Groundnuts, Sweet Corns, Fried Potatoes and Chickpeas. Each item will cost Rs 10/ RM 0.70 each while Sweet Corn will cost Rs 15/RM 1
 Ground Nuts was boiled together with salt to have some flavour. It tasted fresh and good.
 Sweet Corn was a bit hard to chew for old people but it was good for me. The corn was orange in colour compare to Malaysia where the Sweet Corn will be yellowish in colour. It was a bit cool when I buy therefore the guy heat it up for me before I enjoy them.