Ming Heong @ Taman Paramount

After my trip from India, I have a bad craving for Chinese Foods so my friend bring me to eat Chinese Food but my bad luck all our favorite restaurants was closed therefore we went Ming Heong, Taman Paramount for dinner. It was a roadside stall with some tables and chair for the customer to dine-in. It is located nearby Giant Taman Paramount (2-3 minutes walking distance). The shop offers a very limited menu to the customers and the menu was written on a board. The shop was crowded with people when we arrived around 7.30pm so it takes time for us get our foods. We ordered Kailan in Oyster Sauce, Salted Egg Squids, Kung Pao Chicken and Salted Vegetable Soup.
Salted Egg squid tasted so battery. We cannot even taste salted egg and squid, just flour.
Kung Pao was okay. The chicken was tender and flavorful with the sauce. Good to have with rice.
 Kailan In Oyster Sauce was tasty. Better than Salted Egg Squid.
Salted Vegetable soup was okay for me. A weird combination of salt and bitter taste but my Boyfriend loved it. He even finished the whole bowl by himself.
It was an okay dinner for us. The foods are okay and not something extraordinary. The total bill was about RM 75 for 4 person including foods and a pot of Chinese Tea (Expensive)
Ming Heong
Jalan 20/22,
Taman Paramount,
PJ Selangor