Pho Vietz @ Atria Shopping Gallery, Petaling Jaya

Me and my Boyfriend friend planned to celebrate Mooncake Festival at Tokyo Ramen, Atria Mall but on the way to Tokyo Ramen we saw Pho Vietz is crowded with people therefore we went there to have a look at the menu and it looks very attractive so we decided to have dinner at Pho Vietz. Pho Vietz is located at 3rd Floor, Atria Mall. The restaurant serves Vietnamese Cuisine. It was full house when we arrived around 8pm so after waited about couple of seconds we managed to get a table after a customer left. The ambiance of the restaurant was comfortable and spacious table, no need to fight with each other for space. I ordered Beef Noodle Soup and Beef Stew.
 Beef Noodle was a big portion and it can be shared by 2 people if you are small eater. The noodle was smooth and goes well with the soup. It was my first time I saw my boyfriend enjoys the food without any sauce to go with it. 
Beef Noodle Soup @ RM 17.90
Beef Stew was served with soup, salad and a bowl of rice. You can have it with noodle or rice. Beef Stew was tender and juicy but it was a bit fat meat. Beef Stew was well seasoned with curry. Salad was served with fish crackers and mangoes. It was good and something new to me. 
Beef Stew @ RM 17.90
It was a good dinner for us. The foods are delicious but the Beef meat was fatty. If you are a fat meat lover, it would be great for you. Friendly and fast service although it was full house, it took less than 10 minutes to get our foods. Good for hungry people to get a quick meal and proper meal instead of fast foods. 

Service Charge: 10% 
GST: 6%

Restaurant Pho Vietz 
T8 & T9, Third Floor, 
Atria Shopping Gallery 
47400 Damansara Jaya
 Petaling Jaya 
Tel: 03- 7731 3020