Pizza Cottage @ Tirunelveli

Weather in India is super hot and thinking about going out for dinner or afternoon tea will make your head spin. Therefore, I Google for a home delivery in Tiruneleveli and I come across this website Go Grab India. They only have home delivery in major cities like Tirunelveli, Chennai, Madurai, Pondicherry, Thoothukudi and Bangalore. Since I wanted to try Pizza in India, I chose to order Home Delivery from Pizza Cottage. 

Step 1: Enter your city and find the Hotel choices available in your city. 
 Step 2: Choose the Hotel you wanted to order food from. Then choose the menu to order food.
 Step3: Just click add menu at the menu and it will automatically added into your order. Then choose whether you want Home delivery or take away. The total amount will be inclusive of Service tax and government tax.

Step 4: After finish selecting your order, click proceed.
Step 5: They have 2 types of payment: Cash on Delivery and Online Payment. After selecting your payment method, click Proceed. You no need to fill in your details, as you needed to have an account first before using their service and once you Login all your details will be there.
Step 6: The confirmation email and message will be sent to you and all you need to do is wait for the food. The service was fast. My order was delivered within an hour.

Their website was convenient and user friendly. Good to order if you have any surprise guests visiting you for dinner. Keep your phone next to you because they will call you if they cannot find your address. Minimum order Rs 250/RM 16.50 to get free delivery.
Food I ordered through Go Grab India. 1 chicken Tikka Pizza (S) and 1 Chicken Lollypop. 

Chicken Tikka (S) Pizza was spicy, cheesy and well balanced with the spices. The base was perfect and not hard to chew. 
Chicken Tikka Pizza (s) Rs 179/ RM 15
 Chicken Lollypop was tender and flavourful. It has its own flavour and it does not require any sauce to go with. 
Chicken Lollypop Rs 89/RM 6

Vat / Government Tax: 2%
Service Charge: 5.6% 

Pizza Cottage
Phone Number: 04624200442