Sri Krishna Bhavan @ Madurai

Me, my sister and dad went on a one-day trip to Madurai. We rent a car for 1 day, as it will be convenient to move around Madurai. The car rental cost us Rs 3400/ RM 226 including Toll, Petrol and Driver Pay. Therefore, on the way to Madurai we have our Breakfast at Sri Krishna Bhavan. The shop sells limited choices of food in the morning and they don't have menu for you to order. Once you are seated, the staff will serve you a glass of water and tell you what they have in the morning for you to order. They have Ponggal, Vada, Idly, Thosai and Tea served in the morning. We ordered 2 Thosai and Ponggal as we cannot find Ponggal in Malaysia.
Ponggal was something new to me. They are eaten together with Sambar and Chutney according to the staff. It tasted unique and good to me. A must try food in India and it is only served in the morning.

 Thosai was served with a bowl of Hot Sambar and another bowl of mild coconut chutney and tomato chutney. Both tasted super yummy. It is very rare to find nice Tomato chutney in Malaysia.
It was a good breakfast for us. The foods are tasty, good service and they don't have any bill system, they will write down the price on the piece of paper and you just have to give them to cashier to pay money. However, please double check bill before paying as the price will be written on the wall in some shop. Total bill was Rs 168/ RM 11.20 for the foods.