Sri Saravana Bhavan @ Tiruchirappalli

Had our Breakfast nearby Hotel Meena before our flight back to Malaysia, as it was the only Hotel that was opened in the early morning. The Hotel serves Vada, Idly, Ponggal, Thosai and Masala Tea in the morning and we ordered 2 Idly, 2 Vada, 2 Masala Tea and 1 Ponggal as the Thosai was not ready yet. The ambiance of the Hotel was okay and friendly service. We are the first customer of the day but the Hotel started filling up quickly with people, as it was located directly opposite to the Trichy Bus Station.

Masala Tea was good. It was made with more milk than water. Good to have for breakfast. 
Masala Tea Rs 20/RM 1.40
 Idly was soft and spongy. Idly was served with a bowl of Sambar and Coconut Chutney. Sambar was mediocre but the Chutney was good. 
Idly Rs 25/RM 1.70
Vada was yummy. Vada Rs 15/RM 1
It was a good farewell breakfast for us before our flight back to Malaysia. Tasty foods just Sambar needs some improvements and friendly service. Very convenient location, directly opposite to the Bus Station. Good!!

Vat/ Government Tax: 2%

Sree Saravana Bhavan
No 3, Central Bus Station