Tiger Jit Singh Chapati @ Jalan San Peng

I saw this place crowded with people when I was having my Prawn Noodle therefore I planned to go there for lunch during my break. Tiger Jit Chapatti is located at Jalan San Peng Road, Pudu. They serve limited choices of foods like Mixed Rice, Chapatti, Pori and Beverages. The shop was crowded with people when we arrived around 1pm so we have to share the table with a friendly uncle. The ambiance of the shop was okay and smells great with the foods aroma. I ordered 2 Chapatti while my sister took mixed rice.
 Chapatti was good, soft. It was served with Dhal and Curry. Dhal goes well with the Chapatti instead of the curry. 
Chapatti @ RM 1.50
 Mixed Rice (Vegetable+ Fish & Sardine Curry + Omelette). The sardine curry was damn good while the fish curry and the vegetables are mediocre. 
Mixed Rice @ RM 6

It was a okay lunch for us. I feel it is expensive to pay RM 6 for the mixed rice as it is just vegetables and not even a meat. Where else, I can get mixed rice Chicken and Vegetables at Mamak for RM 6.50 

Tiger Jit Chapatti
 Jalan San Peng, 
55200 Kuala Lumpur 
Opening Hours: 7.30am-6pm