Toridoki @ Desa Sri Hartamas

We always see Japanese Restaurant that serves wide varieties of choices for their customers from Fresh Sashimi to well-cooked Japanese Foods and you will be confused what to order? Don't worry guys; you won't face that problem in Tori Doki as they only serve chicken and vegetables. Tori Doki is located at Desa Sri Hartamas next to Lobster & Steaks. The restaurant serves varieties of Chicken and Vegetables dishes to the customers and some of the dishes are new to me. The ambiance of the restaurant was comfortable. They have 3 types of seating choices for the customers (Tatami Seating, Booth and Counter Seating’s). Couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived but started filling up around 8.30pm. According to the owner Mr Kota Furuya, the restaurant will be full house on weekends and it is advisable to make reservation to avoid waiting. 
 Appetizer of the day is sesame sauce with ladies finger and vegetables. The sesame sauce gives an additional taste to the food.
Konsai Salada is carrot, pumpkin and sweet potato pan fried while broccoli was steamed before adding their homemade caser dressing and granted cheese. Yummy!! 
Konsai Salada @ RM 18
Nagaimo Garlic Butter is mountain yam mixed with garlic powder, soya sauce and black pepper and pan-fried. It was cooked perfectly and delicious. 
Nagaimo Garlic Butter @ RM 12
Chicken are marinated for 24 hours with salt, pepper, red wine, bamboo sauce and sesame oil before roasted for 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the chicken conditions. The chicken was tender and the meat fell apart from the bone very easily. It was served with spicy sauce, Himalaya Sea Salt and Japanese Soy sauce and the chicken tasted different when you dip them with different types of condiments. The chickens are only roasted once the customer placed their orders so it really took about 45 minutes to 1 hour to get our food. But don't worry; you can call them in advance to place your orders so that you no need to wait for the foods. 
Tori Maruyaki @ RM 45
Teba Age (Fried Chicken Wing) is tasty. It was fried perfectly and tender. 
Teba Age @ RM 10
Sunagimo Ahijyo is chicken gizzard and vegetables (Garlic, Ladies Finger and Cherry Tomato) are stewed with olive oil and served with grilled baguette (Monthly Promotion) but they planned to remain it on their menu. Dip the grilled baguette in the sauce and enjoy them. 
Sunagimo Ahijyo @ RM 18
Grilled chicken was juicy, tender and soft. It was one of the best chicken I ever tried. The skewer is a mix of breast and thigh meat so the thigh meat will be oily while breast meat will be less oily and by mixing them it balance back the taste. Toridoki @ RM 8 (Chicken breast & Thigh)/ Negima @ RM 5 (Chicken Breast & Japanese leek)
Grilled Rice Balls with cheese fillings. Rice balls are brushed with soy sauce while grilling to create a crunchy texture outside and soft texture inside. The cheese gives an additional kick to the rice balls.
 Kamanberu Cheese Yaki Onigiri @ RM 12
Dashimaki Tamago was freshly made after the customer placed their order. Hot & thin layer of egg crepe. Yummy!! 
Dashimaki Tamago @ RM 14
 Houjicha Purin was superb. It is a pudding with brown sugar. It will be prepared 1 day in advance so if it’s sold out you guys missed the chance to try it!! So please reserve it before you dine-in as it really worth your little efforts.
Houjicha Purin @ RM 10.
It was a perfect dinner for us. Yummy foods, friendly service and comfortable environment. Thanks to Mr Kota Furuya for the good hospitality. 

Thanks to openrice for inviting me for the food testing. I really enjoyed myself and tried some of the new foods as well.

 No 40, Jalan 24/70A, 
Desa Sri Hartamas 
Kuala Lumpur 
Tel: 012- 937 3754