Allan's Water @ Fraser's Hill

Allan Water is a popular place for tourist; they offer 3 types of activity at the same place (Fish Feeding, Paddle Boat and Water balloon). You guys should know that activities in Fraser's Hill are limited like Padlock, Jungle Trekking, Allan Water and Waterfall. Fish feeding and paddle boat are very common activities therefore I wanted to try Water balloon. Allan Water is located before Jelai Highland Resort at Jalan Ampang Resort. Once entered you will see 2 giant balloons floating in the water and you just have to follow the direction because that’s where the activity takes place. You have to buy ticket directly from them. It's is RM 15 per person. 
You have to remove your slipper before entering the balloon to avoid the damage. You should enter the balloon through the zip that is located at the corner of the balloon and after entered they will continue to pump the air until the balloon is full of air (Close your ear as it will be noisy). Once it is fully pumped, sit on the balloon and they will push you to the water.
 I was so excited when I reach the water; it was like I can walk on the water. I tried to balance myself and succeeded after several failures but it was fun. After few rolling and struggling, I gave up and rested on the water. So good to sleep on the water, the coldness from the water is very comforting. The guy was so good despite of raining he still came and push our balloon back to the water when it reaches the bay. Yeah!! The balloon will move towards the bay if you stop moving.