Dharshy Banana Leaf @ Fraser Business Park

My lecturer recommends this restaurant to us for their delicious and reasonably priced Indian Foods. Therefore, me and my sister went there for early lunch around 11am and to our surprise the dishes for lunch are already done except the vegetables. Therefore, we decided to have rice so that we can skip our lunch later. The restaurant is located next to the Star Hotel, Jalan Metro Pudu. The restaurant serves wide varieties of Indian Foods like Roti Canai, Thosai, Idly, Banana Leaf Rice, Nasi Lemak, Mixed Rice and Beverages. Couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived for lunch and according to my lecturer it will be full house during lunch hours. The ambiance of the restaurant was okay with open space concept. I have my rice with Chicken Varuval, Fried Chicken and Idly.
 Chicken curry was superb while dhal and fish curry was mediocre. Chicken Varuval was well spiced with herbs and delicious. It was tender and juicy.
Fried Chicken was tasty. A simple seasoning of salt and turmeric powder, bring out the wonderful flavour of the chicken.
Idly tasted delicious with Dhal and Tomato Chutney. Combine Dhal and Tomato Chutney together with Idly for the "Oomph Taste" You have to take our own Idly and curry from the counter (Self Service). 
Idly @ RM 0.80 per piece.
 It was a good lunch for us. The foods are tasty except fish curry and dhal. The total food cost us RM 11.60 for 2 Plates of Rice, Chicken Varuval, Fried Chicken and 2 Idly. 

Dharshy Banana Leaf 
Jalan Metro Pudu 2, 
Fraser Business Park 
55200 Kuala Lumpur