Garden View Restaurant @ Bukit Tinggi, Bentong

We leave Fraser's Hill around 11.30am as it’s like going to rain soon and we wanted to get down the mountain before the rain starts. Therefore, we decided to have our lunch at Bentong after we get down from the hill. Garden View Restaurant is recommended by my friend for their foods as their vegetables are freshly hand-picked from their own garden and the fishes are fresh. Garden View Restaurant is located at a small town, Bentong facing the main road with a lot of stalls selling fresh fruits. The restaurant serves varieties of food choices for the customer and it was crowded with people despite of the heavy rain. It is an open concept restaurant where you can enjoy the view of their Garden and river while enjoying the foods. 

Claypot Fish was fresh and the meat was juicy. It cost us RM 100++ for this fish. Patin Fish.
Pork was too crispy until I cannot feel the meat taste but it was something new to me. 
Tofu Ball was delicious.
Tofu was simply delicious.
Chinese Spanish was tasty. The vegetable was fresh and perfectly washed.
It was nice and my sister liked it.
 Complimentary Fruits
It was an okay lunch for me. It was just a normal food, not something mind blowing. The total bill for foods and drinks is RM 210/RM 26.25 per person.