OpenSnap: FREE Coffee Art Class for You and Your Friend!

I always have trouble-finding place to eat with so many restaurants around me but I still cannot decide where to dine-in. Then, my friend recommends me Opensnap therefore I install it in my phone. I loved it. It has food reviews, food article, food information, food reviews and restaurant listing (All the things I wanted). Now if I am trying a restaurant for the first time, I just need to enter the name of the restaurant and I can read people review and recommended dishes in the restaurant. So cool!!

 Moreover, you also can stalk what you are friends are dining, personalize your location, bookmark your favorite restaurant for future visit and map view function. If you are person who love to hangout with friends and love toa hunt for new foods. Download this application and it will be really very helpful. This application can be used by both Android and IOS users. 
Let me ask you guys? Do you know what Opensnap is? How to use it? Opensnap is an online photo dining that you can browse a variety of food choices, offers, new restaurant, editor’s picks and nearby restaurant. It is also a platform for foodie to share their food photo or home cooking photos. Anyway, you will sure like this user-friendly application. 
How to use the feature? Snap/upload photo to the app. Then edit using the tools, key in details such as restaurant name, dish name, rating and recommended dishes. After that, just upload. So simple right!! 
Besides serving as a photo-dining guide. Opensnap is also having a contest!!

Everyone loves coffee art. What if you are given a chance to learn it and make your own coffee art at home? Awesome right. Join this contest to win 2 exclusive passes for coffee art class Class or TWO (2) movie tickets!! 

How to Participate: 

1) Download Open Snap and invite your friend to use Open Snap too.
2) Fill up e-form for registration purpose.  
3) Enjoy uploading home cooking photos on Open Snap App. 
4) Stand a chance to win TWO (2) exclusive passes to Coffee Art Class or TWO-(2) movie ticket

As simple as that. You got a chance to win an exclusive passes to coffee Art Class. Wish you best of luck.

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Thank you and love you guys :) :)
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