R & R Dengkil Arah Utara

Fetch my dad from airport after his trip from India. He was starving after his 8 hours long journey. Therefore he wanted to have something good and not fast food so I have to stop at the first Rumah Rehat we saw and that was Rumah Rehat Dengkil. The place was crowded with people and since it was our first time there, we don't know what to order. After walking about few rounds we decided to have dinner at Seri Jasmine Corner that is clean and comfortable. They serve mixed rice, Mee goreng and Nasi goreng. We ordered 2 Maggie Goreng and 1 Nasi Goreng Kampung.
Maggie Goreng was great. It has a great flavour, spicy and I never regretted for ordering it.Maggie Goreng @ RM 4.27
 Nasi Goreng was good. It has a good flavour but it does not have the spicy Kick we wanted from the food. Just a normal fried rice (No Ikan Billis taste and not spicy enough). 
Nasi Goreng @ RM 4.27
Tip: My sister told me that if you are going first time to any Mamak restaurant and don't know what to order, always go for their Maggie Goreng as it has Chilli Powder and Curry Powder to give a taste to the food so it will not fail you. Good recommendation. Sure would try it out in future.