The Paddock @ Fraser's Hill

 Riding a horse is one of my Life Bucket List so when I know that I can ride a horse Fraser's Hill, I added it to my must visit place at Fraser's Hill. Padlock is just 5 minute’s drive away from Puncak Inn, Fraser's Hill. Padlock is located along Valley Road just before the Glen Bungalow roundabout. You just have to follow the signboard for the direction. Don't worry, there will be signboard directing you to all the main attraction at Fraser's Hill and you just have to follow that. If you are still not sure ask the locals, they will be happy to guide you. There is no specific place to park your car so park your car at the roadside. Padlock offers 2 types of activities for the tourists (Archery and Horse Riding). I am not a big fan of archery so I just stick to the horse riding. You have to buy the ticket at the counter and queue for your turn. It is just a round around the small course. You have to sit on the horse back and enjoy the ride. 
Place where the horse is kept.
It was a love at first sight for me. I loved the horse; it is so healthy and beautiful. It was well taken care by them and I really loved my ride. According to the guy, it is a retired racing horse

Opens 9am till 4pm daily. 
(Break For lunch in afternoon) 
Expect for Saturday and Public Holiday where it closes at 5pm