Mei By Fat Spoon @ Desa Sri Hartamas

When I was searching for a good food at Desa Sri Hartamas, I came across this particular cafe that has a very good review. After my dessert at Honey Crème, I went to Mei By Fat Spoon for lunch. The cafe is located at the corner lot of the building and they don’t have a big signboard to guide to the cafe therefore have a close look at the glass door as they stick their menu on the walls and that’s how I find this cafe during my visit. They serve appetizers, pasta,  rice dishes, side dishes and beverages. The ambiance of the cafe was cozy and I enjoy having my foods under the sunshine instead of facing the walls. A  couple of people occupied the cafe when we arrived but it started filling up around 12.30pm for lunch. I ordered Ox Tongue Rice (Mirin Sauce), Small Lemongrass Chicken Pop and Peach White Tea Pot  after struggling on what to choose from the menu. 

Peach  White Tea Pot  was food and good to have with their foods. 
Peach  White Tea Pot  @ RM 8.49
 Ox Tongue Rice (Mirin Sauce) tasted as good as it looks. They have 2 types of sauce to for this dish, Soy Sauce and Mirin Sauce. I asked the staff for recommendation and his recommendation was Mirin Sauce so I just choose that. It was flavoursome and every spoon has a generous amount of meat in it. I really enjoyed it. 
Ox Tongue Rice (Mirin Sauce) @ RM 21.70
Fried Chicken is served with mayonnaise and lemon. Squeeze the lemon over the chicken and eat them together with the rice. It was simply delicious. My sister loved the salad and to my surprise she even finished her whole plate of salad “I almost wanted to faint the moment I saw it” 
Small Lemongrass Chicken Pop @ RM 16.98
For me, Miso Soup is like a mix of Miso Soup and ABC that goes perfectly well instead of normal seaweed Miso Soup. They have done some weird combination that actually works. Very comforting soup. Each dish is served with a bowl of soup.
It was a perfect lunch for us. Delicious food and friendly service but be prepared to spend RM 20-RM 30 per person during your visit but the food deserves it for me. Wonderful Japanese meal after such a long time. 

Service Charge: Nil
GST: 6%

Mei By Fat Spoon
Tel: 03- 2300 3327