Mr.Dakgalbi @ Tropicana City Mall

Me and my sister wanted to have something quick, filling and spicy for dinner before going to Starbucks to do our assignment. So many demand right? Do you guys think we will find a place that matches our demand in Tropicana City Mall? Maybe, I guess. Yeah!! We manage to find a place to eat at Tropicana City Mall that ticks all our demands. Do you guys want to know the name of the restaurant? It is Mr Dakgalbi, a newly opened restaurant at Tropicana City Mall, next to Three Little Pigs (Ground Floor). They serve Dakgabi, Fried Rice, Pancake and Beverage. When we were browsing the menu at the entrance, I asked the staff is the food is spicy and her reply was Yeah!! Everything is spicy except 1 type of fried rice to accommodate the non-spicy eaters. We were happy to hear the answer therefore me and my sister went in to dine-in. Couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived but it was filling up quickly for dinner. The ambiance of the restaurant was simple and comfortable. I ordered Korean Ginseng and Mr. Dakgalbi (Extra Spicy) without any add on as according to the staff it will be more than enough if you are the small eaters and she was right it was more than enough for us. 

Korean Ginseng was good. It has a good flavour. 
Korean Ginseng @ RM 2.90

Mr. Dakgalbi is a stir fry marinated chicken, chili paste, sliced cabbage, onion served together on a hot plate. The chicken was tender and well flavored. Cabbage was not overcooked and still has the crunchy texture. Next time, I should order some noodle to go with it. I think it should be good. 
Mr Dakgalbi @ RM 22

It was a great dinner and good service by the staff. They will prepare everything for you and you just have to enjoy the food. Sure drop by again if I crave for spicy korean meal. 

Service Charge: Nil 
GST: 6%

Mr Dakgalbi 
G 33, Tropicana City Mall 
No 3, Jalan SS20/27 
47400 Petaling Jaya 
Tel: 03- 7733 8758