The Elite Seafood Restaurant @ Section 13

My friend recommends this Dim Sum restaurant to us and they were having a 50 % off from off-peak for all the Dim Sum. Therefore, we wanted to go there to give a try as it has been a long time I had a delicious Dim Sum. The Elite Seafood Restaurant is located at Section 13, next to the Unique Seafood Restaurant. I spend RM 7 for jockey service before even entering the restaurant and I guess they don’t have any car parking especially for the guests. The restaurant serves Dim Sum, Porridge, Noodles, Chee Cheong Fun on the Dim Sum Menu but I saw some of the other customers ordered seafood for their lunch. A couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived at 12.30pm but it was filling up after that for lunch with working people. The ambiance of the restaurant was good it is similar to the Chinese Wedding ballroom. Once entered, we were seated in a nice and comfortable chair and the staff even pulled an additional chair for me to keep my handbag. So good!! I ordered Century Egg Lean Meat Porridge, Siew Mai Topped With Prawn, Steamed Custard Bun, Steamed Crystal Prawn Dumpling, Glutinous Rice, Deep Fried Prawn Roll, Chee Cheong Fun With Meat Floss, Osmanthus Jelly,Pu Er Tea and Steamed Xiao Long Bao.
 Tibbits was chargeable. 
Tibbits @ RM 4.27
 Century Egg With Lean Meat Porridge was good and big portion. 
Century Egg With Lean Meat Porridge @ RM 10.91
 Steamed Custard Bun has too thick fillings and does not have oozing effect. It looks small compare to the normal Dim Sum restaurant. 
Steamed Custard Bun @ RM 12.73
Steamed Crystal Prawn Dumpling was delicious. It was plump and has a juicy prawn that barely visible through the translucent dough.
 Steamed Crystal Prawn Dumpling @ RM 14.55
Siew Mai was tasty. The “must have” of any  Dim Sum meal. 
Siew Mai Topped with Prawn @ RM 12.73
Steamed Xiao Long Bao was okay. The skin was too thick. Place that in the spoon and bite it, then the soup will be oozing out from the Xiao Long Bao. 
Steamed Xiao Long Bao @ RM 11.82
It is one of the common dish you will find in all the Dim Sum restaurant. Glutinous Rice was simply delicious. My boyfriend loved it. 
Glutinous Rice @ RM 14.55
Deep Fried Prawn Roll was too crunchy and not enough of fillings.
 Deep Fried Prawn Roll @ RM 10.91
Chee Cheong Fun was silky and soft. It was filled with crispy bean curd. Something new I tried at a Dim Sum restaurant. 
Chee Cheong Fun with Meat Floss @ RM 12.73
 Osmathus Jelly was okay. I like Tim Wo Han better than the Elite Seafood Restaurant. Coconut milk does not get along with the osmathus jelly. 
Osmathus Jelly @ RM 7.27
Overall, it was an okay lunch for us. Dim Sum was good, but not extraordinary for the price we paid. RM 140 for the Dim Sum without 50%, I guess with that amount of money I can get eat a better Dim Sum somewhere else. Friendly service, but our food takes longer time to arrive.

Service Charge: 10%

GST: 6%

The Elite Seafood Restaurant

Lot 9B-3, Jalan Kemajuan,
Section 13,
46200 Petatling Jaya
Tel: 03- 7960 4988/4288