The Humble Pie Co @ Section 17

As far as I know, The Humble Pie is popular for their desserts until recently my friend told me their foods are delicious as well. So when I know, they have a special promotion from off-peak 50% for 4days, I quickly asked my sister to make a booking to dine-in. The Humble Pie is located same row with Kanna Curry House. I guess most of you surely know the location of this place as it is one of the popular place for Banana Leaf in Section 17. The cafe serves pie, pasta, main course, desserts and beverages. It was almost full house when we arrived and even filling up after that. The ambiance of the cafe was simple and comfortable. They have both indoor and outdoor seating areas. I ordered Shepherd's Pie, Spicy Prawn Olio Pesto and Musang King Pie. 

Spicy Prawn Olio Pesto is a weird combination, but that was a match made in heaven. Flavour from Pesto contract well with the spiciness from Chili Padi. For the spicy level, my sister chooses level 3 and I guess it is eatable for human, but if you are a daring person give a try to level 5 or more.
 Spicy Prawn Olio Pesto @ RM 26 
Shepherd's Pie is simple but delicious. 
Shepherd's Pie @ RM 22
Musang King Pie is a beautiful pastry. A crunchy layer of biscuit with durian pulp and cream. It was so rich in durian flavour and I just loved it. 
Musang King Pie @ RM 15
 It was a delicious lunch for us and good de-stress hangout place with my sister. Friendly service and delicious food. Sure, drop again to try their pasta. Just one drawback is very difficult to find car parking in that area, especially during lunch hours and double parking is very common. 

Service Charge: 10% 
GST: 6%

The Humble Pie 
Section 17