Tsubohachi Hokkaido Izakaya @ Publika

Let me start this blog post with some History of the restaurant before reviewing about the foods. I know History is a boring subject but don’t worry guys, I will explain it in short and simple without dragging. Tsubohachi is a Japanese casual bar restaurant from Japan. It has been more than 40 years since it is first established in Hokkaido. They believed in serving authentic and traditional Japanese Cuisine to the customers. In addition, they also give more important to taste (Yeah!! Their foods are good, pair them with alcohol drink to have a “WOW” effect), Environment (Their environment is more to Japanese Style with attractive Red & Black colour theme) and Hospitality (Excellent Hospitality). They serve Sushi, Sashimi and Appetizers that go perfectly well with alcoholic beverages. We were welcomed by the friendly staff at the entrance and served with a hot towel to wipe our hands once seated. Then we were served with their signature and popular dish for the night.
Asahi Medium @ RM 20.80
Fresh Lemon Sour is served with fresh lemon and soda drink. Squeeze the lemon by yourself before pouring them into your drink. It was refreshing and has a very good lemon flavour. 
Fresh Lemon Sour @ RM 17.80
Ramen Sarada is noodle, lettuce, onion, egg, cucumber, bacon, leek, cherry tomato with sesame dressing. It is a perfect appetizer for sharing with your friends before starting with the main course.
 Ramen Sarada @ RM 16.90
Eihire Grilled Ray Fin is a great appetizer for the beer. 
Eihire Grilled Ray Fin @ RM 12.90
Nankotsu Karaage is deep fried chicken that is tender and juicy. 
Nankotsu Karaage @ RM 18.90
Ontama Tsukune Teppanyaki is grilled minced chicken with Hot spring egg. Break the egg, pour the sauce over it, and enjoy. 
 Ontama Tsukune Teppanyaki @ RM 12.90

Imo Mochi is a Hokkaido Style deep fried mashed potato that is simply delicious. If you haven’t tried before, you guys should give it a try. 
Imo Mochi @ RM 8.90
Potato Mentaiko Yaki is a hotplate potato with seasoned cod roe, mayonnaise, and cheese. It tasted as good as they look. Yummy!!
 Potato Mentaiko Yaki @ RM 13.90
Seseri is a chicken neck skewer, soft and delicious. 
Seseri @ RM 7.80
Torikawa is a deep-fried strips of chicken that is a perfect small dish for the beer. It is crispy and a bit salty. You guys know right Chicken skin is the best part of the fried chicken.
 Torikawa @ RM 7.80
 Ask anyone what is their favourite part of chicken and the answer will be always “The chicken thigh”. It is tender and juicy. 
Negima @ RM 7.80
Hokke Hiraki is grilled Atka mackerel is super good. Flavour of the sea right in the plate and I loved it. 
Hokke Hiraki @ RM 52.90
Karei Karaage is simple, tasty and crunchy Pomfret. Even the bone is eatable.
Karei Karaage @ RM 42.50
Sake No Chanchan Yaki is grilled salmon and vegetable with original sauce (Hokkaido Speciality). When it’s rainy its good to have this. 
Sake No Chanchan Yaki @ RM 21.50
Ishikari Nabe is salmon and vegetables in Miso based soup. It’s flavoursome, healthy and satisfying.
 Ishikari Nabe @ RM 19.90
 Nagashi Somen Setto is unique, fun and tempting food to try. Add noodles, cucumber and cherry tomato in the water then grab them using chopstick and eat together with their sauce with some shredded cucumber. Yummy!! Best soba noodle I ever tried. This dish is used to teach Children in Japan how to use chopstick. Interesting!! 
Nagashi Somen Setto @ RM 27.90

Tonpeiyaki is an omelette with a delicious combination of sliced pork and cabbage. 
Tonpeiyaki @ RM 12.90
 They only start cooking Tarabagani Kamameshi once the customer placed their order and they will cook them in front of you at the table. It takes 20-30 minutes to prepare the dish but the aroma from the food will make you lose your patient and it is simply delicious.
 Tarabagani Kamameshi @ RM 36.90
Buta Hakusai Nabe is pork belly and Chinese cabbage in Mille Feuille Claypot. It is sweet and had an enjoyable crunchy texture. 
Buta Hakusai Nabe @ RM 29.90
Lemon Ice cream is super lemony and super delicious. It is sweet and light. If you ever had before them before, give it a chance. 
Matcha De Roru is a green tea crepe rolled with rice cake and red beans. It simply melts in the mouth and has the kind of flavour that will make you lick the lips in remembrance of the first bite. Yummy!! 
Matcha De Roru @ RM 14.90
Matcha Mochi Mochi is green tea ice cream with rice cake and red beans. The ice cream is sweet, creamy and perfect to end a meal.
  Matcha Mochi Mochi @ RM 12.90
 Something bubbly always pairs well with Japanese foods. 
Yuzushu Glass (On The Rock) @ RM 19.80

Yaki Gyoza is homemade Japanese Style dumpling. It is chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside. 
Yaki Gyoza @ RM  12.90

It was a good dinner for me with Openrice members and bloggers. Thanks for the invitation Openrice. Good foods and excellent service especially a young woman. Sorry I forgot her name but she is super good and very friendly. Waze directly to the restaurant, once your waze tells you that you have reached your destination please look at your right side, the restaurant will be located on the right side, above Restaurant Bestari. 

A2-UG 1-9, Solaris Dutamas,
No 1, Jalan Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 6206 5526/ 017- 669 0060
Hours: Monday- Sunday (11.30am till 3pm/ 5.30pm till Closing)