2D1N Fraser's Hill Trip Itinerary - Food & Sightseeing

Fraser’s Hill is a little hidden gem, located just 2 ½ hours drive away from Kuala Lumpur. It is a perfect place to enjoy the cool and relaxed atmosphere. When my friend invited me, my boyfriend and sister to join her family trip to Fraser’s Hill, I was so excited to join them as I love the cool weather and I have never been to Fraser’s Hill before. 

Day 1

7am- 8.30: KL- Bentong

The best place in Bentong for Wan Tan Mee and Chee Cheong Fun. Wan Tan Mee is the question mark for me while Chee Cheong Fun is heaven. My advice is please drop by to try their Chee Cheong Fun. I am sure you guys wont be regret for doing so.

Total Spendings: RM 6
Address:  No 57, Jalan Chui Yin,
28700 Bentong
10.30am: Fraser’s Hill Clocktower
11am: The Paddock

The Paddock is a place for horse riding. Tourist can ride retired race horses around a small course guided by the keeper. 

Total Spendings: RM 9 
Address: Located along Valley Road just before the Glen Bunglow roundabout. 
 Open 9am till 4pm daily
Break for lunch in afternoon
Except for Sunday and Public Holiday where it closes at 5pm
12pm: Allan’s Water

Allan’s Water is a popular place for tourists. They offer 3 types of activity at the same place like Fish Feeding, Paddle Boat and Water Balloon. 

Total Spendings: RM 15 per person for Water Balloon
Address: Jelai Highland Resort at Jalan Ampang Road
 2pm: Fraser’s Silverpark Resort

Fraser’s Silverpark Resort is a budgeted apartment located on a hill top off Lady Maxwell Road. They have incredible panoramic view of the mountains and the town center is just 6 minutes drive by car. The apartments offer 2 or 3 bedroom, kitchen, living area and balcony.

Total Spendings: RM 480 per night
Address: Located on a hill top off Lady Maxwell Road
My friend mum prepared lunch for us. Her chicken rendang was super delicious. 

4pm: Ye Olde Smokehouse

Perfect place to enjoy afternoon tea and scones with calming views of the lush garden and surrounding rain forest and mountains.

Total Spendings: RM 44 for 3 persons.
Address: Located on the corner along the road to Jeriau Waterfall. 
8pm: Steamboat @ Fraser’s Hill

There are a lot of negatives review about foods in Fraser’s Hill therefore we plan to prepare our own food. We separate our work among 2 groups. 1 group prepares the items for steamboat while another group prepares lunch and next day breakfast. Our group chooses to prepare items for steamboats. We went NSK supermarket to buy all the stuffs for steamboat.

Total Spendings: RM 50 for 4 persons
Day 2

9am: Jeriau Waterfall

For Breakfast we just make a simple egg sandwich as we don’t want to have something heavy before going down the hill to avoid motion sickness. 
 After our breakfast, we planned to go Jeriau Waterfall before going back to KL. It took about 30 minutes to reach the waterfall along a risky and dangerous road  and to my shock it was closed until 31/1/2016. Wasted our time!!  Drove back to the hotel in the risky road again. Please honk while turning the road as the roads are too narrow and difficult.
 1pm: Garden View Restaurant @ Bukit Tinggi, Bentong

One of the option, you guys can consider for lunch before driving back to KL is The Garden View Restaurant, Bentong as the foods are fresh and good but I found it is a bit expensive.

Total Spendings: RM 210 for 8 people

We spend RM 170 per person including Foods,Tolls, Snacks, Petrol and Hotel. 

Toll: RM 21 (KL-Fraser’s Hill-Fraser’s Hill-KL)
Petrol: RM 75 (KL-Fraser’s Hill-Fraser’s Hill-KL)
Hotel: RM 480/6= RM 60 per person