New Year's Eve 2016 Celebration @ The Waterfront, Desa Park City

 My friend suggested to go Desapark City for New Year Eve's Countdown as it is pet Friendly Park and it will be less crowded compare to KL. We started our journey at 7.30pm from the house as we thought of having steamboat dinner at Pulau Ketam Steamboat before going for the countdown but there was a surprise waiting for us on our way. Yeah!! Traffic jam. It took 1 hour to reach Desapark City so we decided to have dinner at The Waterfront, Desapark City as we scared we cannot get car parking later. It took 30 minutes to get car parking. The place was amazing with beautiful lights hanging over the trees, food truck selling delicious food to satisfy everyone hungers and concert to entertain everyone. We sampled some truck foods like Cheese Burger, Mashed Potato with Chicken Sausage and Fried Potato.
Fries were yummy. Me and my sister loved it. 
Fries @ RM 7
Toasted charcoal bread topped with fried chicken and vegetable. Good but it lack of seasoning in the fried chicken. 
Cheese Burger @ RM 12

Bed of mashed potato topped with chicken sausage and sauce. It is a mouth-watering combination but a bit salty for me. In my opinion, it is good for sharing but to be eaten by 1 person. It is salty. 
Chicken Sausage with Mashed Potato @ RM 11
After walking around and sampled the foods. We went to Three Little Birds Coffee to wait for the Countdown as it started to drizzle around 10pm. At 11.30pm we started to walk to the centre of the park to find a perfect spot to see Fireworks. Exactly when the clock ticks at 12am, the gorgeous fireworks started to decorate the dark sky with colourful lights, mind blowing. The fireworks lasted about 8-9 minutes non-stop. One of the best New Year Eve's Countdown for me and I hope this year would be the best Year for me and everyone. Happy New Year Guys: D: D