Obanhmi @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

I wanted to have something light and delicious for dinner but I was unsure of where to dine-in at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Hence, when we were roaming around the mall clueless, we pass by Obanhmi and then I remember about my yummyliciois dinner I had in their Uptown Outlet. Therefore, we went in to dine-in. You have to order and pay at the counter if you are taking away but if you are dining in, the waitress will take your order once you are seated. I ordered Melted Cheese Omelette Sandwiches as my favourite Beef Stew is not available anymore in their menu according to the waitress. They serve Rice, Noodles, Sandwiches and Beverages. They have 2 types of Set for the customer to choose from Set A (Main Course+ Beverages) and Set B (Main Course + Beverage + Spring Roll) The ambiance of the restaurant was simple but I love their Uptown Branch environment more as it is more spacious and looks organized. A couple of people of occupied the restaurant when we arrived at 7.30pm but it was filling up after that. 
Hot Lemongrass Ginger Tea was good. Rich lemongrass flavour and I always loved to order it whenever see them in the menu. 
Bread was tossed perfectly and the vegetables are fresh but the omelette was way too salty to eat even with the help of vegetables it doesn't toned down the saltiness taste from the omelette. Thank god!! My sister decided to have her meal at Nana Green Tea instead of wasting money here. 
Melted Cheese Omelette @ RM 12.90
It was an average dinner for us. When I complain to the staff regarding the saltiness in the omelette, he just smiled at me as if I am complimenting him. That's bad, no apologize. Even when I wanted to change my Set from Set A to Set B, the staff told us they cannot amend it as the order is already key in. In my opinion, their customer service is below average compare to their Uptown outlets. 

Service charge: Nil 
GST: 6%

Obanhmi LG 328, 
1 Utama Shopping Centre 
47800 KL