Bebek Bengil - Dirty Duck Dinner @ Gianyar, Bali

Our first dinner in Bali was Bebek Bengil as it is located just 5 minutes walking distance from our Hotel (Tegal Sari Accommodation) but our driver was kind enough to drop us for dinner before sending us back to the Hotel from the Airport. Bebek Bengil is a famous restaurant in Ubud, Bali for their duck according to the reviews so I planned to drop by for dinner on the first day we arrived at Bali. Our driver drop us at the entrance and once you get out from the car the worker will give you a number to keep with you and once you are done with your dinner just give back the number to them and they will inform the driver to pick you up. We were welcomed by the staff at the entrance and the staff gave us a choice to choose open space area and private seating area to have our dinner. We choose private seating area (Tatami Seating Style). The ambiance was gorgeous at night but in my opinion it is best to drop by around 6pm-7pm as you can walk around the restaurant to enjoy the gorgeous ambiance. We ordered Peppermint Tea, Bebek Bakar Sambal Hijau and Bebek Bengil Pot.
 Peppermint Tea was refreshing after our tired flight. Loved it!! 
Peppermint Tea @ IDR 27,000/RM 8.14
Perfectly fried tender piece of duck and served with potato. But it was a bit oily in my opinion. Potato was tossed well with olive oil and rosemary. 
Bebek Bengil Pot @ IDR 125, 000 /RM 37.68
Tender and juicy duck melts in our mouth. Sambal Hijau adds an extra spicy kick to the food. Delicious!! It is a recommended dish by the staff. 
Bebek Bakar Sambal Hijau @ IDR 122,000/RM 36.78
It was an okay dinner for us. Gorgeous environment, friendly service but according to my Boyfriend Ipoh serves Duck that is a way better than this and he promised to bring me there during our next visit. Waiting for it!! 

Service Charge: IDR 27,400/ RM 8.26 

Tax: IDR 30,140/ RM 9.09 
Total Spending: IDR 331,540/ RM 99.94 

Bebek Bengil 

Dirty Duck Dinner