Bumbu Bali @ Nusa Dua, Bali

After our water sport at Nusa Dua, we were starving as we didn’t have our breakfast and it was almost lunch hour so I asked our Driver to drop us at Bumbu Bali for lunch as it is one of the recommended restaurants in Bali. We were welcomed by the staff at the entrance and she told us that they only open at 11.30am but we can have a seat first and have our drink while waiting for the foods. We ordered Nasi Campur that minimum requires 2 person to share the food. After we ordered the foods, we were served with a small Papadum. After waited for about 45 minutes patiently for the food, it was served in front of us and despite of the hunger, we still take few photos of the foods before digging in as it was so colorful and cute. 

We finished it off in a blink of an eye as we were starving. It was crispy and the dipping sauce was good. 
It was simply delicious. Everything on that plate was mouth-watering especially I loved their Tuna Salad, Vegetables, chicken and Satay. She explained about each dishes after placing them on our table and Thank God! At least we know what we are eating. The set is too big for us and I my opinion it can be shared by 3 person. We don't even have space for the dessert that is included in the set so we take away it and pass it to our driver. 
Chicken & Pork Satay, Fish and Minced Seafoods. All of it was simply delicious. Tender and juicy meats are irresistible with fragrant smoky flavour. The dipping sauce was mouth watering too. They have normal Peanut Sauce and a type of spicy sauce which has good spicy kick in it. I like to eat my Satay dipped in the spicy sauce. 
It was a perfect lunch for us. My recommended place in Bali for lunch or dinner. Friendly and humble service, mouth watering foods and the portion were big that can be easily shared with people. Only one drawback for me is that their English is quite difficult for us to understand as their pronunciation is little different. They do have private car parking for the customer who wishes to dine-in.

Total Spending: IDR 600,000 /RM 180.86 (Appromaxtely as I lost their Bill so cannot give the exact price details an the price stated is inclusive of Service Charge + Tax) 

Jalan Pramata, 
Tanjung Benoa, 
80361 Indonesia