Day 1 @ Bali, Indonesia

My sister was kind enough to drop me at the airport for Bali Trip. After a big trouble we managed to find a place to check in our luggage as we don't know where to check in.We were supposed to check in at Row K according to the notice board but we realized Row K is actually for the Emirates and our flight was Malaysian Airlines. Confusion overloaded so we seek MAS staff help, she told us to check in at Row C. After waited for 30 minutes we check in our luggage and went MCD for lunch. We ordered Spicy Mc Deluxe and Prosperity Burger. You are entiltled for a Free Sundae Ice cream when you pay your bill using Credit Card or Debit Card and Yeah!! we get a Free Ice-cream too. 
After our lunch, we head straight to the waiting area to board our flight. Exactly at 3.20pm, the flight takes off from KL- Bali.  We were served with a welcome drink and peanuts on the flight and I just love their peanuts. When I was busy browsing through their LCD TV, I manage to find my favorite movie "Veram" and I was very happy about it as it can entertain me for the next 3 hours of my journey.At 6.25pm, our flight landed in Bali but it takes 20 minutes to get our luggage. I saw Mr Bagus.Our driver for the entire trip is waiting for us in the waiting area with my name written on the paper.

 It tooks about 1 hour 30 minutes from Denpasar to reach our hour hotel Tegal Sari Accomodation.We were starving so the driver volunteer to drop us at Bedek Dengkil for dinner before sending us back to the hotel. It is an okay dinner as it was a bit oily but the place was gorgeous. 
 We went straight back to the hotel room after done with all the hotel procedure and sleep like a pig.