Day 2 @ Bali, Indonesia

I woke up at 7am and I was amazed by the beauty of the paddy field facing our rooms. This is totally different from my normal routine where I wake up facing the wall. Here in Bali, I woke up facing the beauty of nature. It was so beautiful to the extent that we decided to walk around the hotel before our trip starts and it was so calm and relaxing. Our driver picks us up at 9am from the hotel and our first trip is to Nusa Dua. It took about 40 minutes from our Hotel to reach Nusa Dua and on our way to Nusa Dua, we pass by Ubud Village .According to our driver, Ubud is a town that is famous for their arts and every village is famous for different types of arts. Yeah!! We can also notice the art established by different village when pass by. Our driver suggested us to use newly built toll over the ocean to enjoy great view but we have to pay a toll fee of IDR 11,000/RM 3.39. Who wouldn’t spend IDR 11,000/RM 3.39 to enjoy a nice view right?
Once we reach Nusa Dua, our driver recommended to us to go Wibisana for Water Sports but the price is quoted in USD and it’s a way too expensive for us. So we make our decision to walk away but then the manager approach us and she quoted a reasonable price of IDR 62, 0000/RM 189.73 for Fish flying (2 people). The price quoted in the catalogue was USD 50 per person and now she had reduced it almost half of it so we took the deal.We kept all our belongings in the car and we followed the girl to the tent where the activity takes place. She showed them the receipt and then they started to pump  air for the flying fish balloon and once it is fully pumped they pushed it into the water and we have to climb over the balloon and lay down and hold the strings.Then a boat will push us towards the sea. It shoots up above the water twice and the experience was amazing. Be careful as the salt water will start splashing on your face especially your eye and it’s quite painful so please do close your eye tight and once you feel your body is floating on the air, open your eye to enjoy the view just  like how I did. At the end, the boats will push back the balloon to the bay. We were totally wet after the game and their toilets don't have showering facilities so you have to wash your body in the open shower with the salt water and change clothes in the toilet (It was very dirty for me and I have no choice but to change it there). Thank god!! The staff from the tour lend us towel as we forgot to bring it. She is so good and she can communicate very well in Bahasa. You can only go into the sea by buying any package from the tour operaters. There are many tour operates available over there in Nusa Dua. Each tour operate is responsible for  particular location so when you park your car at a location, the tour agent that is responsible for that particular location will have to take responsibility of you if anything happen to you at the beach. So to avoid any risk they don't allow anyone into the sea unless tourists buy any package from them. You still can snap some picture from far at the entrance. 
We head to Bumbu Bali for lunch + breakfast by car as we never had our breakfast prior to the trip and I saw Bumbu Bali on the way to the Beach. The foods are delicious and little expensive. But considering their popularity and taste, that’s okay.
 After our lunch, we went to newly opened beach for tourist, Pandwa Beach. According to the driver it is actually a personal favourite for the local people and Yeah the water was crystal Clear and Clean as it’s still unknown to the tourists. You have to pay IDR 15,000/RM 3.06 per person + IDR 5,000/RM 1.54 per car to enter the beach . It was crowded with local people and it is a non-commercial area. It was a beautiful beach for me that I really wanted to soak myself in but I don't have any spare clothes so I have no choice but to enjoy the view from the Beach Deck. You have to pay IDR 50,000/RM 15.40 each couple to use the beach deck for 3 hours. After relaxing for a while we decided to have massage at the beach. The massage cost us 80,000/RM 24.64 per person (Full Body Massage) after deep negotiation process. It was blissfull. The smooth and relaxing massage with the pleasant melody of the sea waves. Grogeous. We loved it.
 After our massage we went Uluwatu temple. It is IDR 20,000/RM 6.12 per person and you have to wear a sarong and a yellow colour scarf at the waist before entering the temple. Once entered there will be a guy sitting at the entrance to check the ticket before letting you to enter the temple. The view was mesmerising but it was too hot and we are sweating all over so we quickly snap some photos and get back to our car. After that, we asked our driver to send us back to the hotel as it was almost 5pm and we were really exhausted from the trip. I took about 1.30 hours to reach our hotel from Uluwatu. 
 After reach our hotel, we quickly take shower in the hot water and went out for dinner. We are in the mission of checking street and local Indonesia foods and then we find this gem. It was crowded with both local and tourist, so we decided to have our dinner here. We ordered 1 Bowl of Mee Ayam first to try before ordering the second. It turned out to be delicious so we ordered another bowl of Bakso and it was good too (small portion). We take away satay, corn and murtabak and bought few drinks from the mini market to enjoy them in our hotel Balcony before going back to sleep and take rest before our next trip tomorrow.
Murtabak was good, something different from Malaysia version and corn was yummy. Sweet and spicy marries perfectly well. Yeah!! I requested spicy version of corn for me.The Satay was good too especially the sauce and the meat was too thin but for the price we paid no complaints. Good dinner on our balcony in the cold weather facing the paddy field. Gorgeous!!!!